Creating An SEO Brand: A Digital Marketing Case Study

As a top San Francisco digital marketing agency, Colibri Digital Marketing has a strong understanding of local San Francisco marketing techniques as well as experience creating and developing digital brands for San Francisco’s very specific market. In this digital marketing case study, we’ll be describing that process in detail, sharing how our agency made the difference for a brand that was not on the first page for its own name to a brand that received 1,800 web visits last month.

The Client

The client is a San Francisco car dealership. A high-profile business, they largely depend on elite name recognition, brand awareness, and customer testimonials and referrals, taking in most of their profit from fewer, higher-value sales. For this case study, we’ll call this client Luxury Car Dealership San Francisco. We began working with the client in November of 2016.

The Problem

When the client contracted us, they had no digital marketing presence. In fact, they were not ranking even for their own brand name, let alone for more general auto industry terms and keyword phrases. There were no systems in place to track the results of their various marketing efforts, nor to track their analytic data in general. In effect, they were flying blind, with no clear way to measure success or to troubleshoot issues with their digital brand.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Keyword Plan


In the first week of our monitoring, the client’s site received 11 clicks. A week after that, it was 84. The third week, it was 312. The following month, they were averaging about 36 discrete sessions per day, and each of those sessions averaged about 4 distinct page views.

Where Are We Now?

Today, our client is thriving. With a full 1800 discrete sessions in March of 2017, and almost a full third of their traffic coming from returning users, it’s clear that our digital marketing campaign has been a success.

Colibri Digital Marketing

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