Before the age of online shopping and email, your brand had to appear in a physical space, whether that was a brick and mortar store or IRL mail. Now, with everything being online, brands need to invest time and money into digital branding services to make sure their brand shines just as bright online as they do in-person.



Let’s pretend you are looking to buy a pair of hiking boots that are good for the environment and will last you a while. To find boots that suit your needs, you type into Google, “long lasting ethical hiking boots”.

The first result is “Harvey and Smith Hiking Boots”. Their tagline is “sustainable stompers” and their website shows images of their boots in the wild, worn by people you could see yourself being friends with. Their brand portrays their durability and shows that they care about sustainability, and their colors and logo represent the outdoors. Their brand story is memorable.

The second result is “Mike’s Boots”. They don’t have a tagline and their colors and logo do not represent the outdoors. There is no cohesiveness to their images, they only show still pictures of their boots, and even the fonts they choose fail to make you think about durability or the outdoors. Plus, their brand colors and fonts are not consistent across their site, making them appear less professional.

Which company would you buy from? Probably the one that is memorable because of their strong brand story and tagline, the way they show their boots in places you would want to go, and how their product makes you think about sustainability and durability. You would go with the brand that seems most impressive and professional.

Having a strong digital branding encourages more loyal customers and drives revenue.



  • Logo. Your logo is what people remember you by visually. Think of Apple– their logo is pretty memorable and represents their brand well. Their brand is sleek and clean, and their logo shows that by cleverly representing their name.
  • Colors. Picking brand colors may seem like it’s just for fun– and it is fun– but it also helps your audience remember you. For example, Coca Cola’s brand colors are red and white. They stand out as an American drink and their colors represent that. Studies have also shown that red makes you hungry, so their color is strategic as well.

Photo by Izabella Bedő from Pexels

  • Fonts. Fonts are also not a just for fun element of your brand. Let’s go back to the hiking boot example. If Mike’s Boots chooses a font like Dancing Script, people may be confused about their brand. If you are durable, a delicate font does not match your brand.
  • Images. Your images need to represent your brand. If you are an activewear company, the images of your clothes should portray movement. Your images need to represent your audience and the style of your brand.
  • Brand messaging. Brand messaging is how you tell your story. By creating an emotional connection with your messaging, your brand will transform into a memorable experience.

A digital branding service needs to help you create all aspects of your brand for your website and deliver it both cohesively and strategically. They need to bring you, your brand story, and your vision to life in a way that suits your audience and yourself. To do so, there is lots of research that needs to be done, like consistently checking how well your name is performing in Google search, making sure your fonts are easy to read, and crafting brand colors that are accessible to those with low visibility.


A social media branding service needs to take into account what content you are posting to make sure it is on brand and matches your brand messaging. Points to consider include graphics and captions. You need to make sure the graphics you are posting are branded and match your style guide. For your captions, you want to write in a voice that aligns with your brand’s tone.

Furthermore, a social media branding service needs to look at your analytics and see what performs best to make sure that that aspect of your brand continues to be portrayed on your social media. Lastly, they need to make sure that your social media bio reflects your brand in a few, simple words.





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