Generating Leads and Driving Sales with Interact Quizzes

Colibri has recently partnered up with Interact Quizzes to explore the benefits of using customized quizzes as part of our ever-expanding digital marketing arsenal. We’re really excited about the possibilities and the creative aspect of quiz making. Here’s a convenient little breakdown of some of the different applications, to give you an idea of how valuable quizzes can be in a digital marketing toolkit.

The Value of Online Quizzes

Back in the early Paleolithic era of the Internet, before YouTube or Facebook, quizzes were getting started. Beginning as trendy email forwards, like interactive chain letters, anyone who was anyone was sending a quiz to fifty of their friends, and binge-reading the answers instead of doing their math homework. It wasn’t long before a number of sites caught on, and offered a simple service: create your own quiz, send links to your friends, and revel when your best friends ace it.

So Let’s Look at Interact Quizzes

Interact has taken this business model and seriously improved upon it. By offering its services to high-profile clients, quizzes can be written that simultaneously appeal to certain demographics and ask probing questions to provide a particular subset of marketing data. With an almost unlimited number of potential questions, and the ability to target quizzes with names or topics to draw in the right kind of audience (“find out which famous robot is your best friend,” “what’s your ideal vacation destination?” and so on), precise answers to arcane questions become readily available.

  • Drive Sales
  • Grow Social Reach

Best Practice for Creating Quizzes

If you’re building your own quiz, here are a few quick guidelines to help you towards success:

So There You Have It

That’s quizzes in a nutshell. They’re a brilliant data capture tool, they lead to a lavish increase in conversions and sales, they’re low-cost high-reward marketing tools, and, most of all, they’re fun.

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