Generating Leads and Driving Sales with Interact Quizzes

Colibri has recently partnered up with Interact Quizzes to explore the benefits of using customized quizzes as part of our ever-expanding digital marketing arsenal. We’re really excited about the possibilities and the creative aspect of quiz making. Here’s a convenient little breakdown of some of the different applications, to give you an idea of how valuable quizzes can be in a digital marketing toolkit.

The Value of Online Quizzes

A lot of the questions were pretty straight-forward, with typical multiple-choice quizzes asking everything from “how old am I?” and “what’s my favorite food?” to “who’s my favorite actor?” and “what city was I born in?” A user would input the correct answers, as well as three or four spurious ones, and let the respondents take their guesses.

Most of those early sites are still around for reasons that should be immediately obvious to any marketing professionals: these quizzes, even in their nascent form, are a veritable gold mine of market data. Any user who makes a quiz fills out a databank of information, ties it to an IP address, browser history (from cookies), device type, OS, and monitor resolution (which, taken together, can imply economic status), and supplies the database with the emails of a dozen or more of their friends. The site needs only to sit back and collect the data as it rolls in.

Even though that particular fad rose up over a decade ago, it illuminates another basic truth: people like being asked stuff. People like responding to quizzes and surveys, especially younger people (for whom a quiz is frequently a rare opportunity to hold court over what they think about the world).

So Let’s Look at Interact Quizzes

But the benefits of a digital marketing agency using quizzes don’t stop there. Let’s see what else quizzes can do.

Quizzes can…

  • Generate Leads
  • Drive Sales
  • Grow Social Reach

Best Practice for Creating Quizzes

Don’t make it too obvious what you’re angling for

Your quiz should have a mix of generic and specific questions, but only a fraction of your specific questions should target your real intent. Be subtle.

Don’t ask leading questions

Market data is worthless if it isn’t genuine, so give options where options are due.

Be Creative

Quizzes are like a game that you’re guaranteed to win, but no one likes to see them that way. Make sure the experience is fun, on the way by.

Embrace unexpected results

Leave open the possibility for unexpected results. Even if you’re expecting answers to fall within a given range, allow for outliers so you don’t miss out on unanticipated data.

Don’t bet it all on one horse

You can make infinite quizzes. You can make quizzes on any and every topic from now until the heat death of the universe. If you can find the server space to host it, you can make another quiz. Don’t worry about answering every little question all at once. Each single question you pose of your target demographic should be reflected in a single quiz.

So There You Have It

We, for our part, are desperately eager to see what they can do for us and for our clients, and we hope you’re just as excited to try them out yourselves.

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Originally published at on August 2, 2017.

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