Guerilla Marketing Email Guide for Bright and Beautiful Beginners

Guerilla marketing is all about marketing on the cheap — using creative brains instead of cash brawns to identify and reach your audience.

Guerilla Email Marketing vs. Guerrilla Email Marketing

The word “Guerrilla” is Spanish, meaning “little war.” Originally, the term described an approach to military tactics that gave nonstandard combat forces (resistance fighters, civilians, or anyone else who lacked formal military training or who wasn’t part of an army as such) an edge over larger, more conventional military forces. Guerilla tactics would depend on ambushes, quick raids, and hit-and-run attacks. Since their numbers were smaller, guerilla fighters would leverage mobility, speed, and clever improvisation to prevail over heavier, slower armies.

Is Email Dead?

Email, not the sexiest tool in the marketing shed, is an underrated, overachieving guerilla marketing tool that if you are not using — and pronto — you are losing. Email is not dead!

  • 10 Steps to a basic email marketing system and
  • Guerilla marketing with email best practices

What Is Guerilla Marketing with Email and Why Is It Important?

The basic idea behind email marketing is that you build a subscriber list and then nurture and grow the list through offering high quality content.

Why You Care

The reason you care about email marketing is that it is a more targeted, successful form of marketing than most others. Very significantly, it is the only non-algorithmic marketing tool in our toolkit. In other words, everyone you send an email receives it. You don’t have that kind of control with social media, SEO, or advertising.

10 Steps to a Basic Beginner’s Email Marketing System

Here’s what to do:

  • Make sure people understand what you’re offering (newsletter or blog, for example) and then offer it consistently
  • Use social proof by including testimonials near the sign up form
  • Offer an incentive (such as a free download) to join
  • Send the email from a human — such as yourself (you’re human, aren’t you?)
  • Send a summary of your content and a link to your website each week at about the same time
  • Send a thank-you note
  • Send a — personal — follow up email to those who have not responded or clicked through after a few days (put a reminder in your phone or schedule this in your calendar)
  • Make it mobile (more and more people check their email from their phones. Do you?) and
  • Use analytics to make sure it’s working
  • Fortunately, for bright and beautiful beginners like you, emails service providers such as MailChimp (my personal fave) can provide some form of all of the above.

Guerilla Marketing with Email Best Practices

Here are some tips and tricks that marketing pros know make the best of your website visitor’s experience and help you win converts:

  • If you get a bounced email, use your best email guerilla marketing instincts and find your man (or woman) through Twitter or LinkedIn and build towards an invitation to rejoin
  • Send personal emails to hot prospects — it’s worth it
  • Use 1 to 2 typefaces — only — so your email looks fresh and contemporary
  • Include your logo in the upper left hand side of your email
  • Learn to write short, snappy and descriptive subject lines
  • Make the body of your email short and easy to read
  • Have a landing page for opting in that also includes your logo and social media buttons and
  • Send a test to a friend to make sure everything makes sense
  • Get started with this system and these tips and you will start to see results. Or your money back.

A Word About GDPR

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The regulations flow from European Union privacy laws.

  • Keeping email consent separate from other terms and conditions
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe
  • Keep evidence of consent

Your Turn

What have you learned about email guerilla marketing? What do you think the challenges will be?

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