The green movement keeps growing by the second. This technological world demands we all do our part in keeping our planet safe, and doing so online can reach many people and help them stay informed, motivated, and make safer and better decisions during their daily lives. This is something we must all do for ourselves, our family, and our beautiful green planet.

If you are interested in sustainability or you simply want to generate a positive impact through your decisions, this list of green websites can give you a new perspective on how to live a life full of purpose this 2020.



On their podcast series, CleanTechnica Director Zachary Shahan discusses cleantech news and original analyses with investment experts, top researchers, leading climate activists, and top cleantech business leaders. It’s certainly a green website you don’t want to miss!


Ecowatch informs its audience with essential science-based news on a wide range of topics including climate change, energy, oceans, animals, food, politics, and health. Their main mission? To use the news to help drive fundamental change!


Their topics vary and include stories about cutting-edge green information. It covers every green topic available that might be useful for anyone trying to navigate a greener lifestyle and have more information on sustainability.


Their independent, nonprofit newsroom pursues in-depth stories on under-covered topics like clean energy, sustainable food, livable cities, environmental justice, and a better economy. They elevate solutions, expose inequity, and give readers the context, knowledge, and tools to make a difference.


Food Tank highlights hope and success in agriculture. They feature innovative ideas that are already working on the ground, in cities, in kitchens, in fields and in laboratories. These innovations need more attention, more research, and ultimately more funding to be replicated and scaled-up. That is where we all need to work together to find solutions that nourish ourselves and protect the planet!


Today is a great day to start getting our green lifestyle mood on and reflect on ways we can do better and be better. The first thing is finding great information and taking small steps to improve our lives and the lives of those that surround us. You already have the perfect tools to help you in hand, now it’s time to use them!

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