Managing social media incorporates lots of different skills. You need to plan content, engage with your followers, understand social analytics, and know how and when to post. This blog will give you all the information you need to know about how and when to post by explaining how to use popular social media scheduling tools.



The free plan offers 1 profile for each social channel and 30 posts scheduled for each account. This plan allows you to store unlimited media and an easy link in bio programs.

The plus plan, from $7.5 a month, allows users one social account per platform and 100 posts. The big difference between this plan and the free plan is that it offers Instagram stories scheduling and the ability to add the first comment on Instagram.

Next up is the premium plan, from $16 a month, it offers to profiles per platform and 250 posts. It offers the same features as the plus plan as well as more analytics info and the ability to add mentions and tags.

The starter plan, from $24 a month, offers 3 profiles per platform and unlimited posts. Aside from that, it has all the same features as the premium plan.

The last plan Later offers is the brand plan, from $41 a month. The difference between this plan and the starter is that it has 5, instead of 3, profiles per platform. Otherwise all of the features are the same.


The professional plan, $29 a month, gives you basic but essential tools for scheduling social media posts. You can have one user, up to 10 social media accounts, and unlimited scheduling, a big selling point. All of their plans offer unlimited scheduling.

The team plan, $129 a month, offers you a wider range of users and accounts. This plan offers users 20 social profiles and 3 users, and, of course, unlimited scheduling.

Their business plan, $599 a month, offers users 35 social media profiles, and between 5 and ten users. This plan also includes unlimited scheduling.

Hootsuite’s last plan, the enterprise plan, offers custom solutions. This plan is great for bigger business because it accommodates any specific needs a client has by offering custom solutions.

Hootsuite is appealing because it has plans that can work well for different sized businesses. The professional plan is great for small businesses, while the enterprise plan can be used by huge enterprises.


The pro plan, very affordable at $15 per month, offers 8 social profiles, the ability to store 100 social posts per account, and one user. With this account you can post on all the platforms they offer and also add the first comment on Instagram.

Their next plan, the premium plan costs $65 a month and allows you 8 social profiles, the ability to store 2,000 posts, and two users. On top of the features of the pro plan, the premium plan offers you the ability to add links to your instagram post for shopping, and you can schedule stories.

Their last plan, the business plan for $99 a month, gives you 25 social profiles, the ability to store 2,000 social posts per account , and 6 users. They offer the same features as the premium plan with the difference being more profiles and users.


The standard plan, $99 a month, offers up to 5 social profiles, profiles, keywords and locations monitoring, paid promotion tools for Facebook and more essential tools.

The professional plan, $149 a month, offers 10 social profiles, everything in the standard plan and more. Some of the best features of the professional plan are competitive reports for Instagram, Facebook and, Twitter and Trend analysis for Twitter keywords and hashtags.

Last up is Sprout Social’s advanced plan for $249 a month. They offer the same features as the professional plan, 10 social profiles, and also URL tracking and suggested replies for social media posts.

For more social media tools, check out this blog.


Step 1: Upload your image to Later.

Step 2: Drag image to the day and time you would like it to be posted.

Step 3: Add caption and edit image. Here is where you have the option to add the first comment and a link in bio.

Step 4: Edit and review image, caption, mentions, hashtags, links and location for each platform.

Step 5: Save post and with that it will be posted at the correct time!

If you have any edits to make after you have scheduled it, you can click the image and edit it.

Later has simple but very useful features so we highly recommend checking it out and scheduling your posts.


If you have any more questions about social media or anything under the umbrella of digital marketing, schedule a 30 minute strategy session with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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