With so much of our world online, it’s important to have the right tools to make it easy to control your online presence and get the most out of it. For any company, whether it be Apple or a one person show, you need to have tools to manage tasks, documents, schedules, communication and more. In this blog we will look at Colibri Digital Marketing’s top communication apps that help us keep on top of our work.



Some might call me an unorganized person and they would be correct. Keeping track of what I have to do has never been my strong suit, but Asana has turned that around! It has two different options for organizing your tasks, calendar or list view. In list view, you can organize your tasks by due date or project. There is even an option to view all of your completed tasks. Lastly, you can attach Asana to your calendar for those who prefer to see everything in one place.


As you can see in the image above, there are lots of ways to communicate with people. There is an option to have a direct message with someone and also different chats with groups of people, called channels. For Colibri, we have channels for each project as well as an internal chat. In each channel you can post questions or leave comments related to that project.

You can also @ mention someone in a channel to direct your message to them, but remember that everyone else in that channel will see. In channels you can also start threads. For example if someone @ mentions you in a channel with a question, you can start a thread to respond which will help keep the channel clear for the other team members. Using the left side controls in the image above, you can easily find different chats and threads.

Asan can also be connected to Slack, Integrating Asana is very helpful for project management because you can see if projects are completed or the due date is changed. In order to keep our channels less crowded, we created separate channels for Asana. Tis way one channel for a client can just be for questions and comments and another can be for Asana updates.


Lastly, Drive allows you to give people different access to folders, documents and more. If you are sending a folder to a client about pricing and a project brief, you don’t want them to edit it, so you can give them viewing access. Whereas if you are sending them an audit, they may ask questions so you can give them commenter access. Finally something they should edit, like a spreadsheet of tasks they need to perform, will require editor access. My favorite part about Drive is that everything is automatically saved to it, making it easy to organize and keep track of your work.



Because Colibri works remotely, we use Zoom everyday. We love using it because it’s a straight forward app. To join a meeting all you have to do is click on a link. To record the meeting you only need to click one button and Zoom will automatically save it for you.


One of the most important functions of Copper is their reporting. From visualizing how many leads go through your custom sales funnel to keeping track of your dollars earned in a sale, it’s incredibly easy to see your progress and track your KPIs. You’ll even know how your individual sales or client teams are doing.


Want to try out Zoom? Sign up for a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with Colibri, over Zoom, of course, to see how you can improve your digital marketing. Just click the button below to get started. If you like us, maybe we can even share documents with you on Drive and add your project to Asana.

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