With so much of our world online, it’s important to have the right tools to make it easy to control your online presence and get the most out of it. For any company, whether it be Apple or a one person show, you need to have tools to manage tasks, documents, schedules, communication and more. In this blog we will look at Colibri Digital Marketing’s top communication apps that help us keep on top of our work.



Asana is a product management app. You can have many different projects and individual tasks within each project. At Colibri we love Asana because it is easy to customize. When you create a task, you can add it to a project, or multiple projects, and even a category within that project. On top of that you can assign it to multiple people, create repeating due dates, attach files, and create subtasks. For each task, there is the option to add collaborators and also a chat box. When you post a chat, any collaborators on that task can view it and respond.


Slack is a very popular communication tool, which is especially great for remote teams. Have you ever sent a business question to your colleague over text about a deadline and then went on to talk about a different project, and can no longer find the deadline you were looking for? With Slack, every message is organized into different categories so you don’t lose important info. Plus, Slack can be integrated with Asana.


Google Drive is a necessity. It’s the easiest way to store, share, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, slides, videos, and more. Everything you create in other Google apps such as Slides or Docs, is automatically saved to Drive. In Drive, you can create folders for different projects and subfolders within. Maybe you have a folder for training materials and within it, you have different folders for different types of training. One could be for social media and another for audits. The great thing is that you can include a mix of materials in folders, such as a video, some photos, a document or spreadsheet.


WeTransfer is an easy way to send large files, and you can do it without an account. For free you can send up to 2GB and the paid plan can send 20GB. All you need is the file, your email address, a note and the person’s email address who you are sending it to. You can also attach WeTranfer to Slack! You can do it through their website or download the app on a mac.


If you haven’t heard of Zoom, you might be sheltering in a cave instead of in place! Zoom is an online conferencing app. It has tons of great features that make it stand out from similar services. Based on what plan you have, you can manage all participants in different ways like turning thor audio off, create breakout rooms, have one on one or public chats, phone dial in and more.


If your business or organization involves managing your clients or partnerships, Copper is a great app to stay on top of all your contacts. Copper is like an address book, sales tracker, and project manager all in one. Contacts in Copper help you organize all of your leads, current clients, potential clients, and even lost clients. With well built out profiles you have access to emails, websites, and other important information about the people who you’re trying to connect with. Tools including bulk-sending emails from Copper and email tracking help keep your head above your inbox and your finger on the pulse of your sales.


Each app can take your business up a notch, but integrating all of them into your work can help you get the most out of what you do. Because all of these apps have different plans, it’s easy to find exactly what you need for your company. These digital communication tools will help you be more timely and produce high quality work.

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