What Came First? The Egg or Internet Privacy?

The Egg (a unique private message server for consumers and small businesses) caught my attention because of the word “private.” As a digital marketer, I don’t really believe in privacy. My job is to share messages that reach as much of my clients’ ideal audience as possible, as fast as possible, as cost-efficiently as possible. Still, I know that privacy is a thing, that some people want it, and that, during this wild west digital revolution, we don’t reliably have it.

Internet Privacy in the Trump Era

In April of 2017, Trump rolled back privacy protections before they could even be implemented. According to CNN:

What is a Decentralized Web and Why Do I Care?

First, a bit of history. A lot of good things happened in 1969, including my birth and the birth of the internet as we know it today. When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, he gave it as a gift to humanity. It was free for everyone and completely decentralized. In this case, “decentralized” means that everyone who used the internet had their own server and connected as individuals.

Who Makes Money Off a Centralized Web?

The people who are making the most money off the centralized web today are Facebook and Google. They use our data for targeted advertising that generates billions of dollars in annual revenue.

The Future of the Web

Today, there is a mostly invisible group of techies that is working on your privacy, and providing options for a decentralized web. You did not ask for it, but perhaps you will get it.

Enter The Egg

Barry Solomon, VP of Sales and Marketing, Eggcyte, Inc., is a maverick, but he is a quiet one. After he agreed to give me an Egg so I could test it and share about it on the Colibri Digital Marketing blog, we met up at St. Frank’s on Polk Street and enjoyed a cup of coffee and an opportunity to chat.

What is The Egg?

The Egg is a private messaging server. Fans of Mike Pence (the not famous private server user) and Hillary Clinton (the infamous private server user) take note: Now you can have your very own private server.

Why The Egg is Important (Hint: Choice!)

I asked Barry why they invented The Egg, and here is what he had to say:


Internet Privacy in the Trump Era

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